Baka Pygmies - Culture, music and rites of initiation in the rain forest of Cameroon
African Pygmies

Content of the old Baka Pygmies website (English and Italian versions):

  • Introduction about Baka Pygmies
  • Pygmy camps and huts in the rainforest
  • Pygmy hunters, hunting weapons and animals hunted by Baka Pygmies
  • Food gathering in the rainforest (yam, fruit, mushrooms...)
  • Fishing in the forest streams
  • Food preparation (wild game cooking, palm oil and manioc preparation...)
  • Material culture (making of panniers, mattings, baskets...)
  • Baka Pygmies music and musical instruments
  • Traditional dances of Baka Pygmies
  • Baka Pygmies rite of initiation to the Spirit of the Forest
  • Baka Pygmy children
  • Baka Pygmy women
  • Baka Pygmy men
  • African rainforest: nature and landscapes of the Baka Pygmies forest
  • Rivers and lakes of the rainforest
  • Mammals (primates, antelopes, buffalos, leopards...)
  • Reptiles (crocodiles, lizards and snakes), birds, insects...
  • Becaming a member of a Baka Pygmy clan
  • Other African Pygmies (Bagyeli Pygmies, Bedzan Pygmies, Aka Pygmies...)
  • Bamiléké, Bamoun, Tikar...
  • Bafut, Bali, Bamenda...
  • Other ethnic groups from Central Africa
  • Publications and Works in progress agout Pygmies
  • Baka Pygmies of Cameroon (monographical essay)
  • The musical instruments of Baka Pygmies (ethnomusicological essay)
  • Pygmies of the Cameroonian rainforest (photographic book)
  • The Spirit of the Forest (ethnographic novel)
  • Baka Pygmy Music (2 audio CD - Ethnic music)
  • Baka Pygmies of Cameroon - Culture and Music (CD-Rom)
  • People of the Forest - Baka Pygmies (DVD - Ethnographic documentary)
  • African Pygmies (photographic exposition)
  • The old African Pygmies website, designed and maintained by the Italian anthropologist Luis Devin, contains hundreds of photos about the life and the traditional activities of this Pygmy group, and some ethnographic descriptions serving as introduction to the Baka Pygmy culture. Photos are added periodically after every new research expedition.
    A special thank goes to the Baka and other Pygmy peoples who make it possible to the author to live in the rainforest and to do his anthropological fieldwork in their forest camps.

    Short multilanguage site description - Français: Les Pygmées Baka de l'Afrique Centrale (Cameroun, Congo et Gabon). Culture, musique et rites d'initiation des Pygmées Baka, avec photos et notes ethnographiques. Images de chasse, cueillette, culture matérielle, danses traditionnelles, et photos de la forêt équatoriale africaine où vivent les Pygmées - Italiano: popoli Pigmei dell'Africa centrale (Camerun, Congo e Gabon). Cultura, musica e rituali dei Pigmei Africani, con foto e note etnografiche. Contiene immagini di caccia, raccolta, pesca, cultura materiale, danze tradizionali, strumenti musicali, foto della foresta equatoriale africana in cui vivono vari gruppi di cacciatori-raccoglitori pigmei, foto della flora e della fauna centro-africana. Presenta il rito d'iniziazione dei Pigmei Baka a cui ha partecipato l'antropologo italiano Luis Devin, foto di Pigmei africani nella loro vita quotidiana e rituale, una foto gallery delle ricerche, esempi di musica pigmea, ecc. - English: Pygmy peoples of Central Africa (Cameroon, Congo and Gabon). Culture, music and rituals of African Pygmies, photos and ethnographic notes. Includes images of hunting, gathering, fishing, material culture, traditional dances, photos of the African rainforest where the Pygmies live, and photos of central African flora and fauna. Presents also the rite of initiation of Baka Pygmies, attended by the Italian anthropologist Luis Devin, photos of African Pygmies during their daily and ritual life in the rain forest, a fieldwork photo gallery, examples of pygmy music, etc. - Español: Los Pigmeos de África central (Camerún, Congo y Gabón). Cultura, música y rituales de iniciación de los Pigmeos Africanos, con fotos y notas etnográficas - Incluye imágenes de caza, recolección, cultura material, danzas tradicionales, y fotos de la selva ecuatorial africana donde viven los Pigmeos - Deutsch: Pygmäen - Zentralafrika (Kamerun, Kongo und Gabun). Kultur und Musik der Baka Pygmäen, mit Fotos und ethnographischen Anmerkungen. Bilder von Jagd, Sammeltätigkeiten, materieller Kultur, traditionellen Tänzen, und Fotos von afrikanischen Regenwald, wo die Pygmäen leben - Português: Os Pigmeus Baka de África central (Camarões, Congo e Gabão). Cultura, música e ritos de iniciação dos Pigmeus Baka, com fotos e notas etnográficas. Inclui imagens de caça, colheita , cultura material, danças tradicionais, e fotos da floresta africana onde vivem os pigmeus - Svenska: Baka Pygméerna i Central Afrika (Kamerun, Kongo och Gabon). Kultur och musik av de första urinvånarna i Afrika (Pygméerna), fotos och antropologiskt fältarbete - Pусский: Пигмеи Бака (Африка - Камерун, Конго и Габон) - 日本語: バカ・ピグミー (アフリカ、カメルーン、コンゴ、ガボン) 文化、音楽、写真、人類学 - Nederlands: De Baka Pygmeeën van Centraal Afrika (Kameroen, Congo-Brazzaville en Gabon). Cultuur en muziek van Baka Pygmeeën, met fotos en antropologische onderzoek - 简体中文版: 非洲侏儒 (卡麦隆、刚果, 加蓬) 文化、音乐、相片, 人类学 - 繁體中文版: 非洲侏儒 (卡麥隆、剛果, 加蓬) 非洲侏儒(卡麥隆、剛果, 加蓬 - Polski: Pigmeje Baka - Afryka Centralna (Kamerun, Republika Konga i Gabon). Kultura i muzyka, fotografia i antropologia - 한국어: 아프리카 피그미족 (카메루운, 콩고, 가봉). 문화, 음악, 사진,인류학